Richmond, VA Underage Possession of Alcohol is a Misdemeanor

If you are convicted of this charge there will be:

  • permanent criminal record that never goes away and can never be expunged
  • mandatory fines
  • mandatory license suspension
  • alcohol classes and probation

Read about Underage Possession of Alcohol here.

There is a First Offender Program, but We Can Usually DO BETTER

There is a first offender program for college students charged with underage possession of alcohol. But it is not ideal. If you do the program, you are likely looking at:

  • paying a fine/costs
  • must enter a plea on the record
  • the court must find evidence is sufficient on the record for a finding of guilt, but they withhold actually finding you guilty (doing this means you cannot expunge it)
  • possible probation, ASAP costs
  • put on probation
  • license suspension
  • when all is said and done, you cannot expunge the record of this
  • there is a record of this dismissal to the extent you cannot do first offender again

A Better Option

We can often get college students in Richmond a result that involves the following:

  • results in a complete and full dismissal of the charge
  • no license suspension
  • no record
  • no fine
  • no court costs
  • not on probation
  • no need to enter a plea
  • the record is expungable
  • technically if you violate this again, you can get the same result (we have had a client retain us twice)

Here is what it looks like while the case is pending:

Better Result

This is a better result. You do not have to disclose this on almost any background check because you were presumed innocent, charged with an offense, never entered a plea and then it just got dismissed with no fine or costs or consequences.

So if you can get this result, it is a great option. And we can often negotiate this for students at VCU, University of Richmond, John Tyler, and others. Call today for a free consultation.

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