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When our clients retain us, they do so to get the best outcome possible for their case. The best outcome for any particular judge might vary based on a number of factors such as:

  • speed the officer clocks someone at
  • driving record
  • whether or not there is a legal defense
  • what the client does before the court date and how they prepare their case

Today, we had a case in Greensville/Emporia traffic court. We prepared it for the regular judge who is there 90-95 percent of the time. However, it was NOT the regular judge in court today. The judge who was in court today would have reduced the charge, but he would not have avoided points.

As a result, we continued our case. The reasoning is that when we come back to court it should be the regular judge. And the regular judge will do better. We are the only traffic firm I see that does this. Every other law firm I see in court will just present their case, even when the judge will give a WORSE result.

At Leavitt & Martin, we take the position that we are hired to get the best outcome possible. If that means that we have to go to court a second time (without getting paid) then we will do that. We did not bill our client any additional fee. When we bill on a flat fee basis, we don’t get paid for additional appearances.

Other law firms take the position that the “don’t get paid to continue” cases. However, that is not the best approach for the client. So we continued our case, and we will go back to court a second time. The regular judge should be back and we will be able to avoid points for our client and get a BETTER result.

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