I am posting case results from the same exact docket in Dinwiddie at the same speed of 83 mph. Case 1 is a case that Leavitt & Martin got dismissed. Case 2 is a different attorney. Case 3 got the worst result and someone represented themselves.

Leavitt & Martin, Dinwiddie Reckless Speeding 83 MPH DISMISSED

See the following case where we recently represented a client charged with Dinwiddie VA reckless driving. We met with the client in advance and discussed the case and came up with a path forward. Putting in the time we did, and having the client follow our advice we got the following result:

As you can see, there is not fine and because the case was dismissed, nothing will show up on the client’s driving record at all.

Different Lawyer, Much Different Result

To be fair, this case result was the same jurisdiction (Dinwiddie) on the same day, with the same judge, and yet this attorney did not earn a dismissal for his client. As a result, this client will have to pay a fine of $200 that our client never paid, and they will have something show up on their driving record:

As you can see, both cases were heard in court on 10/18. I was there and it was the same judge for both cases yet Leavitt & Martin got their case dismissed and this attorney only got the charge reduced.

Example 3, the Worst Outcome No Lawyer

By far the worst outcome was the following case. This case was also at 83 mph on 10/18 so it was the same day in Dinwiddie with the same judge. This person elected to go forward WITHOUT a lawyer and it backfired to some extent. While they still got their case reduced, it was reduced to a speeding ticket and it was barely reduced. So this person is going to get 3 demerit points on their driving record and likely take a big hit to their insurance. In trying to save some money they are going to pay more in the long run most likely.

Disclaimer: Every case is unique and past results do not guarantee future results.

Reckless Driving and Speeding are Cases you Want to Get Reduced or Dismissed

Even the worst case result here still got a reduction. And a reduction is an excellent outcome compared to a lifelong criminal conviction for reckless driving. Leavitt & Martin has been representing clients charged with Dinwiddie VA reckless driving for over 8 years now and is very experienced in these types of cases.

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