Reckless Driving Speeding Reduced and Fictitious Tags Misdemeanor Dismissed in Sussex Traffic Court

Today my client was charged in Sussex, Virginia traffic court with reckless driving by speed, 82 in 70 and displaying fictitious tags. As a Sussex, Va traffic attorney I got the reckless driving reduced to a non moving violation that has no points and I got the other charge dismissed.

Sussex, Virginia Reckless Driving is a Misdemeanor

If convicted, you get a permanent criminal record that never goes away and can never be expunged. In addition, your insurance rates may increase significantly (I have seen rates double, triple, and it is not uncommon for insurance carriers to drop you from coverage for reckless driving).

Fictitious Tags Are a Misdemeanor Offense

My client was in the United States Marine Corps. He could not afford to have two misdemeanor offenses on his driving record. I was confident the reckless driving would get reduced. But the fictitious tags charge was more serious to the extent that I was not sure how the judge would treat it.

The tag looks as if it had been pulled off of another vehicle in the picture and it was torn. Fortunately, when I spoke with the officer, he did not know what I new: namely than in North Carolina (where the vehicle was registered) the stickers have the license plate number to the vehicle they are registered to ON THE STICKER/TAG.

So the officer knew something was amiss when he ran the vehicles license plates and it came back as unregistered. That is not a big deal. It is a big deal to put tags from another vehicle on your own vehicle and try to pass it off as a valid tag.

The officer did not notice that the license plate number on the tags would have COME BACK TO A DIFFERENT VEHICLE. That would have proved the case against my client. I entered a plea of NOT GUILTY, and the judge dismissed the case because the officer did not prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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