Mecklenburg, VA Reckless Speeding 86/70 REDUCED WITH NO POINTS

I went back on the court website for about 6 months and this was the best result I could find. Every person I saw who did not have a lawyer got convicted of reckless driving at 86 mph. They now have the following:

  • conviction for misdemeanor reckless driving
  • insurance increases/dropped from coverage
  • possible license suspension
  • permanent criminal record that never goes away and can never be expunged

Don’t Let a Small Mistake Lasting Consequences

Reckless driving is a serious charge, and it is important to get reduced. Today I was able to get my Mecklenburg traffic court case of reckless driving reduced with NO POINTS! Because reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, it can have long lasting and detrimental consequences including:

  • insurance issues (rates double, triple, dropped from coverage)
  • points against your license
  • employment related
  • school related
  • immigration issues

Reckless driving is not a speeding ticket. Speeding tickets are just traffic infractions.

Every case is unique and past results do not predict the future. Call today for a free consultation. See our past case results here.

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