Reckless Speeding in Hopewell, Virginia is Serious

Reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor. As such, it carries the possibility of:

  • jail time (0-12 months)
  • significant fine ($0-2500)
  • loss of employment (people with security clearances, CDL drivers, military, anyone in finance subject to criminal checks, school personnel)
  • insurance issues (insurance companies frequently drop people from coverage with reckless driving or significantly increase rates)
  • immigration issues (keeping and maintaining a visa, applying for a green card or citizenship)

Three Recent Cases Reduced and ALL Avoided the Misdemeanor and Points

Each case was written as reckless driving by speed. One was written at 86 mph, one at 87 mph, and the last was written as 97 mph in a 70. Cases get more serious the faster you are going. As a general rule, anything over 90 mph is VERY serious. Some courts consider jail at 90, however Hopewell is not one of those locations. That said, even in Hopewell 97 mph is VERY serious and is HARD to get reduced. We were able to get this reduced to IMPROPER DRIVING, which will not give my Canadian client any points:

As you can see, the fine was set at $500 which is really not a high fine at all for 97 mph. The next case we did was in Hopewell traffic court and was written as 89 mph in a 70. In Hopewell, VA we can often get this reduced, but avoiding points is next to impossible. However that is what we accomplished in this case:

You can see the fine went down to $250 at 89 mph. The next case in Hopewell traffic court we did was reckless speeding, 86 mph in a 70. Once again, it is not that hard to get this reduced, but they again almost NEVER reduce this to a non moving violation at 86 mph:

The fine for 86 went down to $215. We have been practicing law for a combined 16+ years, and have handled THOUSANDS of reckless driving cases. Every case is unique and past results do not predict the future. Call today for a free consultation.


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