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Hopewell, VA DWI 2nd Offense within 5 years Reduced

Every once in a while you get a result that is eye popping, and quite frankly probably should not have happened. This is one of those cases. I represented a client charged with DWI 2nd within 5 years which carries a mandatory jail sentence if you are convicted and the license suspension is mandatory and lengthy. To make matters worse, the prior conviction was not anywhere near five years ago it was a year and a month prior. So my client had just finished his license suspension for the first DWI about a month before getting the DWI 2nd within 5 years.

Unfortunately for my client, there was no legal defense. As you will see, I took an approach where I proactively got my client to get some treatment for his alcohol issues. We continued the case a number of times. In my discussions with the prosecutor we never had an agreement as to what the final result would be.

You will see the final result is that I convinced the prosecutor to amend the charge to a reckless driving charge with no license suspension and no VASAP. There was no ignition interlock either. The agreement I got was so good I was not sure the judge would accept it but he did.


Now I am going to post a screenshot of the first offense that my client had been convicted of just 13 months prior. To be clear, I DID NOT REPRESENT HIM AT THE FIRST TRIAL. You will see that while the charge of DWI 1st is nowhere near as severe as a 2nd DWI within 5 years, the outcome was far worse.

Sometimes it is possible to get excellent results in cases where the charge is severe and the facts are not favorable. I have blurred out the name of the attorney who represented him at the first trial. Far too often I think court appointed attorneys rush through DWI cases and plead guilty and take the consequences.


As you can see, my client on the DWI 2nd offense within 5 years got a much more favorable result than his first conviction. Call today for a free consultation on your DWI case in Hopewell, VA or other location.


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