At Leavitt & Martin, we specialize in traffic tickets like reckless driving by speed, speeding, and DUI. Every case is unique and for that reason we try to create an approach that will get our clients the best outcome possible in court.

Recently we represented a client charged with driving 93 mph. That alone is a serious charge, however the speed zone was 60 mph. Out of state drivers often face more severe consequences. We were able to prepare the case in such a way that the charge got reduced to a non moving violation that has no points.

This outcome was highly unusual. We are usually VERY happy to get a charge reduced out of reckless driving at that speed and avoid a license suspension and jail. Every case is unique and past results do not predict the future. Leavitt & Martin has an Emporia, Virginia and Greensville, Virginia office. Emporia is the independent city within Greensville county. Daniel Leavitt & Corey Martin have over 18 years of combined legal experience, and have personally handled thousands of reckless driving, speeding tickets, and DUI cases.

Our firm has the expertise to position your case in such a way that you get the best outcome possible. Reckless driving is a serious charge in that it carries up to a year in jail, a fine of up to $2500 and a license suspension up to six months. Cases like this, depending on where the charge was, frequently do carry jail time. So this was really a fantastic outcome. Every case is different and every judge in Virginia is different. Preparation differs based on where the ticket was received.

Often the same exact case can turn up differently depending on where the ticket is. In some locations, the prosecutor gets involved and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes driving school can make a difference. Sometimes a specific driving school matters. Sometimes a calibration makes sense. There are a lot of different factors with how any particular case can turn out.

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reckless driving charge reduced

Reckless driving reduced with NO POINTS

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