Chesterfield, VA Traffic Lawyer Gets Reckless Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Reckless driving by speed is like a speeding ticket on steroids. The DIRECT consequences of reckless driving are potentially far more severe than simple speeding. Let’s take a look:

Direct Consequences of Simple Speeding versus Reckless Driving by Speed

Simple Speeding

  • punished as a traffic infraction and not a criminal misdemeanor
  • maximum fine of $250
  • judge cannot suspend the license, although DMV can for accumulation of points
  • points on your DMV record ranging from 3 (1-9 over), 4 (10-19 over) or 6 (20 mph or more)

Reckless driving by speed

  • punished as a criminal misdemeanor and leaves you with a permanent criminal record if convicted
  • maximum fine of $2500
  • license suspension up to 6 months
  • 6 demerit points for 11 years

This does not address the indirect consequences of speeding tickets versus reckless driving but those are more severe as well.

How do I tell if I am Charged with Speeding, or Reckless Driving by Speed?

Answer: Your summons will tell you. The Virginia law section for Reckless Driving by Speed is HERE. Reckless driving by speed is defined as anything 20 or more over the limit OR anything over 80 mph. So 81 mph in any speed zone (even a 70 zone) is reckless driving assuming they wrote the reckless law section which they usually do.

Just Because you are Charged With Reckless Speeding Does not Mean You Need to Get Convicted

See the following Chesterfield traffic court case we did where we got the charge COMPLETELY DISMISSED:

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