Legal Defense Results in No Jail Where Jail Would Have Been Mandatory

In Chesterfield County, Virginia, DUI cases are more serious when there is an accident involved. The judges and the prosecutors treat these cases more serious than your average DUI. However, when you combine an elevated BAC with a serious accident, it is much more serious.

Recently my client had a BAC that carried mandatory jail time. In addition, it was a DUI accident that was serious and my client was lucky to be alive. Because of this, the prosecutor was unwilling to agree to a plea agreement that involved no jail.

Close Scrutiny Results in No Jail

I personally spent over 3 hours reviewing all of the bodycam footage. I located MULTIPLE potential legal defenses. I used these legal defenses to convince the prosecutor to amend the DUI charge and agree to waive any jail time. The judge initially did not want to accept the plea agreement because it was TOO GOOD based on the facts of the case. However, the legal defenses I found won the day and my client did not go to jail.

More Time on the Case = Better Results

At Leavitt & Martin, we specialize in traffic cases and we do not give up easily. Sometimes it pays to dig in, and keep working to try to find a legal defense. We take these matters seriously. Clients trust us to work hard to get the best outcome possible, and that is what we do. Call today for a free consultation 804-873-4004.



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