We have represented many hundreds, if not thousands of college students over the years charged with offenses ranging from traffic violations to possession of marijuana, alcohol and assault and battery. As a college student preparing to enter the “real world” it is especially important to maintain a clean record. In this economy, employers are scrutinizing record and background checks even more.

If you are charged with an offense like underage possession of alcohol, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, or even public intoxication we may be able to help. These are all misdemeanor criminal offenses, and while you may not get jail time on a first offense you do not want a conviction to limit future employment opportunities.

At Leavitt & Martin, we have represented many college and university students over the years on traffic tickets up to serious felonies. Our success rate is close to 100 percent in getting these charges reduced or dismissed. Every case is unique and past results do not guarantee or predict future outcomes. Our approach is to put as much time and effort into each case as we can to get the best outcome possible.

As a result of our approach, we have had college students charged with felonious breaking and entering and grand larceny get their charges reduced, and have had many charges of underage possession of alcohol, public intoxication, and marijuana possession completely dismissed.

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