If you received a Sussex, Virginia Reckless Driving summons you are charged with a criminal misdemeanor. People have described this as a speeding ticket on steroids. A conviction gives you a criminal record. The consequences of that can be far reaching and long lasting because in Virginia you cannot expunge a charge you are found guilty of for Sussex, Virginia reckless driving by speed.

The point here is, treat this seriously and do everything you can to get the charge reduced. We can frequently get these charges reduced, and our clients usually do not need to even appear in court.

Disclaimer: Every case is unique and the outcome depends on factors unique to each case. Past results do not guarantee or predict future results.


What Can We Do to Help?

Sussex General District Court holds traffic court pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday, depending on which law enforcement agency issued the ticket. The Tuesday docket in Sussex, Virginia for reckless driving tends to be bigger than the Thursday docket as a general rule. There are usually two different judges sitting in Sussex traffic court and they each do things a little different.

I have been practicing regularly in Sussex Virginia for reckless driving by speed and speeding tickets for almost eight years. I have had thousands of cases of speeding and reckless driving in Sussex, Virginia and other jurisdictions and so I know what to expect.

I can advise you about what to expect in your case. Give us a call at 8048734004 to discuss your case.

15 Recent Sussex Virginia Reckless Driving and Sussex VA Speeding Charges Reduced

Recently we had over 15 cases for Sussex reckless driving and speeding charges and every charge was reduced. The speeds in mph were 88, 87, 87, 93, 81, 93, 84, 86, 81, 83, 86, 84, 87, 92, 92, and 95. As you can imagine, the higher the speed the more difficult the case.

However, if you approach the case in the right way you can often figure out a way to get the charge reduced so it is not a criminal misdemeanor and you can sometimes even avoid points.


How do we often get charges reduced that other firms cannot? We approach each case differently than most firms. We do not hire low level, newer attorneys to handle cases.

1. We Do Not Hire Low Level Associates to Handle Cases in Court

Many firms will have senior partners talk to clients but that is not who is actually going to court. In other words, the senior partner may answer the phone and talk to the potential client, but they then pass the case off to an associate attorney who just does not have the same level of expertise or experience.

We do not do that. When you call Leavitt & Martin, you will talk to either Daniel Leavitt or Corey Martin. With other firms you often do not know who you are actually hiring to go to court. The senior partner may have a lot of experience, but the associate does not have the same level of experience.

2. We Prepare Cases Fully BEFORE Going to Court

Most law firms will not do much work before the hearing, and this often negatively impacts the results. There are many cases where the result is variable. That means that you might have a set of facts where if you approach the case diligently, you can obtain a great result. Or, you can walk into court and just ask for a break and you will get a much different (and worse) result.

Experience matters. At Leavitt & Martin we know how to prepare cases for court to get the best result possible in each case. I watched an attorney today (associate attorney) go to court and he got terrible results. There was a substitute judge in court and the judge does things much differently.

I was able to handle my cases in such a way that I got excellent results and their client unfortunately wound up with a 30 day license suspension that in my opinion, was completely unnecessary and due to poor representation.

If this NEW ASSOCIATE had the experience, it is possible he would have approached his cases differently and obtained much better results.

3. We Specialize in Traffic Matters and We Have the Experience Necessary

When you hire Leavitt & Martin, you are getting experience. We have well over 15 years of experience combined doing traffic work and reckless driving cases. We have literally personally handled THOUSANDS of speeding and reckless driving charges over the years. We have handled serious cases involving death and high speeds (see three cases 120 mph NO JAIL). We have personally handled thousands of more routine reckless driving and speeding cases as well.

4. We Know the Judges and the Prosecutors

Every jurisdiction is different. Sometimes the prosecutors get involved, and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they offer better deals than the judge, and sometimes they don’t. It is important to know each judge very well and what they do.

Attorneys frequently ask us what a particular judge will do at different speeds because they know we specialize in traffic work and we have been doing this for a long time. We know when to try to get a plea agreement with a prosecutor, and when to go before the judge and try to get a better result.

I see attorneys all the time accept plea deals where the judge would have given a better result, and vice versa. We use our particular knowledge to get the best outcome for our clients.


Call us for a free consultation at 8048734004 to discuss your case with either Corey Martin or Daniel Leavitt.

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