How to Pay a Ticket Online?

If you have a speeding ticket in Virginia, and you want to pay your speeding ticket in VA online, then there is a way to do that. In Virginia, you cannot pay reckless driving tickets online, because reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor and it is not a “prepayable” offense.

So if you are actually charged with reckless driving by speed, you will want to contact a specialized traffic lawyer to discuss your case because you cannot prepay it in Virginia. Out of state drivers have a more complicated situation, and sometimes the penalties are more severe for out of state drivers, even those for a reckless driving first offense.

Where to Pay Your Virginia Speeding Ticket

This is the court website in Virginia to pay traffic tickets online in general district court. This website will work if you have a speeding ticket, or other prepayable ticket in general district court in Virginia. General district court is where traffic tickets start.

Note that if you prepay, you are pleading guilty and you will be found guilty. Reckless driving is not prepayable in Virginia. At Leavitt & Martin, we never recommend anyone prepay a traffic charge. In our experience, you will pay much more in the long run if you do that.

When you Prepay a Speeding Ticket in Virginia, You are Pleading Guilty and You Will be Found Guilty

Prepayment of a Virginia traffic ticket means you are pleading guilty. The conviction will be reported to the dmv and any points will go on your driving record. Your insurance company will monitor your DMV record, and so they will then determine how to treat your offense.

The Only Way to Avoid Points, or to Avoid a Conviction is to Contest the Ticket

Virginia Point System

Speeding 1-9: 3 demerit points

Speeding 10-19: 4 demerit points

Speeding 20 mph and over: 6 demerit points

The Virginia points system starts at 3 demerit points and it goes up to 6 demerit points. Insurance companies look at all convictions and base their rates on convictions.

Even if you are technically guilty, an experienced Virginia traffic lawyer will often be able to get the charge reduced or dismissed depending on the facts of the case. I would never recommend that someone just prepay a traffic ticket, because you are found guilty and getting all the consequences that go along with paying a traffic ticket online.

At Leavitt & Martin, we can often avoid points or avoid a conviction on a simple speeding ticket. Call us before you pay your Virginia traffic ticket online and we can tell you what to expect IF YOU GOT A TICKET WHERE WE NORMALLY PRACTICE.


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