If you’re injured in a car accident in Virginia, the law allows you to recover for the losses you sustain. Medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other damages are available as compensation. But there are many complications with these cases. You’re at a disadvantage if you try to pursue the responsible party on your own. Negotiations with an insurance company are stressful. And, if it becomes necessary to take the matter to court, you are at a big disadvantage. While there are many reasons you should contact an auto accident attorney in Virginia after a crash, four are especially critical.

1. A Lawyer Has In-Depth Legal Knowledge and Experience

Without a legal education and training, you don’t have the skills to fight for your right to compensation. An attorney with the proper credentials and courtroom experience will:

  • Assess your circumstances and develop a strategy regarding your options;
  • Represent your interests in negotiations with an insurance company;
  • Make sure you don’t miss key deadlines, like the Virginia statute of limitations; and,
  • Guide you through all phases of the litigation process.

2. Insurance Companies Don’t Have Your Best Interests in Mind

A representative for the insurer may contact you with offers to settle your case out of court. It’s important to remember that these companies are businesses. They operate for purposes of turning a profit. They don’t make money by paying out large settlement amounts to every victim that files a claim. An attorney advocates on your behalf will fight for the best settlement possible.reasons to hire auto accident attorney after crash

3. Proving Damages is a Challenge

You will suffer financial losses as a result of your injuries. This includes medical expenses for treatment and lost wages for time off work. Still, there are additional damages that aren’t so easy to determine. You’re entitled to recover for damages like pain and suffering, loss of society, and future earnings. But it can be difficult to prove your claim. Many factors complicate the process. A lawyer has expertise in presenting the right evidence and expert testimony to establish the essential proof.

4. You Risk Insufficient Compensation for Your Injuries

Without a strong background in personal injury cases, you don’t have a general idea of how much your claim is worth. When your injuries are severe, they may impact your future. Attorneys know the details of calculating the value of your case. They will help you understand what amount may be reasonable to accept as compensation.

There’s a lot at stake when you’ve suffered injuries in a car crash. Your legal rights are at risk if you attempt to go it alone it pursuing the responsible party. Without a legal background, you may not recover the full amount of compensation available under state law.

A car accident attorney has the experience necessary to represent your interests in negotiations. A lawyer also knows when it’s time to file a lawsuit to obtain the compensation you deserve. For more information on car accident cases in Virginia, please contact the personal injury team at Leavitt & Martin, PLLC today. You can call today at (804) 873-4004. We’re happy to answer your questions or set up your free consultation in our Midlothian, VA office. We serve Richmond, Virginia and beyond.

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