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Why should I hire you? What makes you different? These are questions I frequently get. Leavitt & Martin is willing to spend more time on cases to get better results.

In Emporia traffic court this week there was a substitute judge. The judge was giving results which were WAY worse than what the regular judge would give. Leavitt & Martin continued our cases where every other firm went forward and got WORSE RESULTS. Out of state drivers in particular need to be aware of the potential consequences of a bad result. Many states have an automatic license suspension for reckless driving, or even for speeding at certain speeds that they need to be wary of. Even a Virginia reckless driving first offense can have significant consequences. In fact, first offense reckless driving carries the same range of punishment as a second offense. With this at stake, potential clients want to get the best outcome possible.

Better Results than the Competition Frequently

Every case is unique and past results do not guarantee or predict future outcomes. Compare this result to our competition today who WENT FORWARD WITH A SUBSTITUTE JUDGE:


I asked an attorney one time why he would go forward with a judge who he knows is going to hurt his client. He said, “I don’t get paid to continue cases.” What he meant is that we charge clients on a flat fee basis. This means that I bill my clients one time. If I go to court ten times, I never bill more. So the more times I go to court, the less money I make.

This lawyer was saying that he was not willing to continue his case, even though his client would get a BAD RESULT, because he was not getting paid enough money.


I have gone to court for a client over FOUR times before to get a GREAT RESULT. I am not afraid to do that. My inherent competitive nature does not allow me to take a bad result because it makes me more money. I don’t believe my clients deserve that, and I don’t believe that’s what they are paying me for.

So today I continued my case in Emporia traffic court, and it ensures my client will get the best outcome possible.

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