Emporia Virginia Speeding Ticket

Disclaimer: Every case is unique and hinges on a number of factors unique to each case. Case results vary and past results do not guarantee or predict future results.

Recently we had two very different cases of Emporia, VA speeding tickets that we represented in court. They were very different because one was an Emporia, Virginia Work Zone Speeding Ticket and the other was a regular speeding ticket.

Work zones are inherently more challenging because you are speeding where workers are present. Many judges do not like that. I watched the judge in Emporia, VA traffic court (the person had an attorney who in my opinion provided terrible service) convict several clients of speeding and it resulted in a license suspension because the person had a North Carolina driver’s license.

So Emporia, Virginia speeding tickets can be classified as either work zone tickets or regular speeding tickets. And Emporia, VA traffic tickets in a work zone are more serious.


Both of our cases presented challenges. The work zone in Emporia is always problematic due to workers present. In addition, one of the driving records had 4 prior tickets in the last five years which is a very bad record. Finally, one of the speeds was not a low level speed.

We know the judges who regularly sit in Emporia and Greensville traffic court for speeding and reckless driving tickets. We know how to present cases in the best light possible to get the best outcome possible in each case.

In this instance, were were able to reduce the Emporia speeding tickets to a non moving violation that has no points. That means that my clients did not get any points and their insurance was not impacted. Both of my clients were very pleased!


The difference we can make is sometimes big. I was in court yesterday and I watched a lawyer botch one of these cases because of his inexperience in my opinion. At Leavitt & Martin, we have an office right across from the courthouse. I have served on the 6th Judicial District Bench-Bar committee (includes Greensville and Emporia) and I know all of the judges very well and what they do.

We can frequently use this knowledge to get the best outcome possible for any given case. And we are equipped to fight cases when necessary. I had a Greensville Virginia reckless driving charge dismissed this week in Emporia, Virginia traffic court based on a technical legal defense.

When you combine our knowledge of the local courts in Greensville and Emporia Virginia with our legal skill and knowledge we frequently obtain results that leave our clients satisfied. Read our reviews and call us for a free consultation at 8048734004.



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