Dinwiddie, VA Reckless Driving Lawyer and Speeding Lawyer

Do you have a Dinwiddie, Virginia speeding or reckless driving charge? Last week in Dinwiddie Virginia traffic court I had five cases. Four of the five cases were dismissed and one case was reduced.

Dinwiddie, Virginia Speeding Ticket and Reckless Driving Cases Dismissed

Disclaimer: Every case is unique and hinges on a number of factors unique to each case. Past results cannot guarantee or predict future results.

Case number 1: Reckless driving by speed, Dinwiddie VA 81/60 DISMISSED

This Dinwiddie traffic matter was difficult. My client had three tickets (2 for speeding) plus another ticket on his driving record and they all happened within the last few years. In Dinwiddie, VA traffic court this frequently results in a conviction. However, I used my knowledge as an experienced Dinwiddie Virginia reckless driving lawyer and the judge dismissed my client’s case. I made recommendations that my client followed and the result was a dismissal.

Case number 2: Dinwiddie VA speeding ticket 76/60 DISMISSED

Dinwiddie, Virginia speeding tickets can sometimes get dismissed with driving school. In this case, the judge continued the case to be dismissed if my client completes a specific driving school.

Case number 3: Dinwiddie, Virginia reckless driving 81/70 DISMISSED

My client listened to my advice and when I walked into court the judge agreed to dismiss the reckless driving charge in Dinwiddie, Virginia for driving 81 mph in a 70. In Dinwiddie, every case is truly unique. I watch some attorneys handle cases in a way that results in a reduction. In Dinwiddie traffic court, there are often ways to position the case where the speeding or reckless driving charge gets dismissed instead of reduced. My client was willing to listen to my advice and her reckless driving charge in Dinwiddie General District Court was dismissed.

Case number 4: Dinwiddie, Virginia reckless driving by speed Completely Dismissed

Once again, after reviewing my clients’ driving history I made recommendations that I felt would put my client in the best position possible for the court hearing. My client listened to me and on his court date the judge in Dinwidde traffic court dismissed his misdemeanor reckless driving charge in Dinwiddie.

Case number 5: Dinwiddie, Virginia reckless driving by speed, 87/70 reduced with NO POINTS

The judge in Dinwiddie traffic court reduced my client’s reckless driving charge. My client was concerned with the possible criminal misdemeanor, and also wanted to avoid points. It can be difficult to avoid points at 87 mph. However, I convinced the Dinwiddie, Virginia judge to reduce the charge in such a way that the Dinwiddie reckless driving charge did not result in any points going on my client’s driving record.


I specialize in traffic law, reckless driving and speeding charges. I have been a Dinwiddie, Virginia reckless driving lawyer and Dinwiddie, VA speeding ticket lawyer for almost eight years. I have successfully handled thousands of these cases personally. Over those years of cases I have identified ways to get the best result possible in each particular case.

My goal is to position each case so that I can get the best outcome possible in each case. That might look different based on the facts involved. Over the years I have handled cases ranging from reckless driving where my client’s driving resulted in the death of someone to less complicated reckless driving and speeding tickets. The case involving death was in Dinwiddie, Virginia and the goal there was to avoid jail and avoid a license suspension and I was successful. On other cases, the goal is to get the charge dismissed.

At this point in my career, I have been before pretty much every judge and substitute judge in the area and I know what to expect in most cases based on the facts of the case. Feel free to contact me to get a free initial consultation on your Dinwiddie, VA reckless driving ticket, speeding ticket or Dinwiddie Traffic Ticket.



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