A DUI Arrest is Serious, But Leavitt & Martin Can Help

Getting arrested for DUI is a big deal. There is a lot going through your mind. You wonder what your friends and family will think. Perhaps more importantly, you are concerned about what will happen to you. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you understand what you need to do and what the next steps of the process involves.

There are a variety of defenses that an expert Amelia County DUI attorney will consider when reviewing your case. Not everybody arrested for DUI is guilty of the charge. But even those who are certain of their guilt can often get a better outcome with the help of a lawyer. There’s no reason to leave it to chance.

A DUI in Amelia County has Serious Consequences

Driving While Intoxicated in Virginia is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $2500 fine. It adds six points to your driving record, and the conviction stays on for 11 years. Possible consequences include:

  • jail time ranging from 0-12 months (mandatory depending on BAC);
  • a fine up to $2500;
  • mandatory ignition interlock;
  • driver’s license suspension;
  • employment consequences;
  • and insurance rate increases.

When facing serious consequences like this, it just makes sense to have someone on your side representing you. The experienced DUI attorneys at Leavitt & Martin are ready to fight for the best possible outcome, even if that means going to trial.

If you’re ready to discuss your case, we want to talk. Consultations are free, and we’ll provide with real advice about your case. Call Leavitt & Martin at 804-873-4004 right now. The earlier we can started on your defense, the better.

A DUI Arrest is a Scary Experience

Police in Amelia County are serious about enforcing DUI. The limit is a .08, and it’s strict. In fact, you can be arrested for less than a .08 if you show other signs of intoxication.

Most people arrested for DUI in Amelia County are facing their first arrest at all. Obviously, it’s a very scary experience. Getting arrested, riding in the police car, and spending time in a jail cell can be quite shocking.

The best defense against a DUI arrest is to not drive after you’ve been drinking, period. Find a sober driver whether it’s a prearranged ride from a friend, a taxi, or a service like Lyft or Uber. The cost of the ride that night will pale in comparison to DUI fines.

The last place you want to spend your evening is with the Amelia County Sheriff’s Office, but DUI arrests happen to good people. We are here to help ensure you get the best possible outcome from your case. In many cases, we’ve been able to successfully get DUI charges reduced or even dismissed completely.

Amelia General District Court Information:

Clerk: Ms. Melissa B. Gil

Clerks Office Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Phone/Fax: Phone: (804) 561-2456 Fax: (804) 561-6956

Address: P.O. Box 24 16441 Court Street Amelia, VA 23002-0024

Judges: Hon. Valentine W. Southall, Jr., Chief Judge Hon. Phillip T. DiStanislao

Continuance Policy: Continuances granted by rule 8:14

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