Speeding Tickets in Virginia

Virginia police officers aggressively enforce speed limits throughout the state. In fact, Virginia routinely ranks as one of the worst states to get a speeding ticket.

But if a police officer pulls you over and writes you a ticket, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty. And even if you were driving over the speed limit, the punishment may not fit the crime. Leavitt & Martin will look after your best interests. Our speeding ticket attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in Virginia Courts. Whether it’s a reduction or an outright dismissal, we will fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

We have speeding ticket defense experience in many different traffic courts in the Richmond Area. Contact us today if you or a loved one have received a ticket in:

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Penalties for Speeding in Virginia

Virginia is one of the worst states you can get a speeding ticket in. Penalities are severe, and include:

  • Demerit points added to your DMV record – 18 in 12 monhts or 24 in 24 months results in license suspension
  • Fine – $6 for each mile over the speed limit your were driving, plus court costs
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Required driver training course sin certain instances
  • Suspended licenses (in some cases)

Speeding Ticket Defense

Defense Against Radar Gun Readings

There are a couple of possible scenarios in which a radar gun may not give the proper readout. In the past, we have successfully shown that the officer who wrote a speeding ticket did not calibrate the radar gun recently enough. That state requires radar guns to be calibrated every six months. If the machine was not calibrated, it’s reading is inadmissible in trial.

Another common defense for radar gun tickets is user error. This is more difficult to prove, as Virginia courts do trust the police officers working here. However, an attorney with experience navigating Virginia courts may be able to successfully argue this defense.

Emergency Situtation

If it is possible for your attorney to prove that you were speeding as a direct result of an emergency situation, you may be able to have your case dismissed. For example, if you were rushing someone to the hospital when an officer pulled you over, you may have your charge dropped.

Improperly Calibrated Speedometer

Though this defense does not always result in a full dismissal, it can often lead to reduced fines or charges. If you can prove at trial that your speedometer was faulty, it shows that the speeding was unintentional. This is a defense we have used with success in the past at Leavitt & Martin.

Out of State Drivers

Virginia officers are known for stopping out of state drivers and issuing expensive speeding citations. Getting a ticket in Virginia when you live in New York, Florida, or anywhere else is a huge pain. In some cases, the ticket may require you to appear in court. This is where Leavitt & Martin comes in.

We’ll handle your case, including your court appearance, for you. You can contest your ticket from the comfort of your home state. If you think it’s easier to just pay the ticket and be done, remember you are technically pleading guilty to a low-level offense. You may even face consequences in your home state. For example, in North Carolina frequently suspends licenses based on Virginia traffic offenses.

Hiring a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The best option after a police officer writes you a speeding ticket in Virginia is to consult with an experienced local attorney. The team at Leavitt & Martin is familiar with the Courts around Northern Virginia, and we’re ready to go to work for you.

The true cost of speeding in Virginia stretches beyond the fine you receive. You’ll be faced with escalated insurance premiums and more. It’s just not worth it to pay your ticket no questions asked. Instead, explore all your options. Consultations are free, and we’re ready to talk today!

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