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reckless driving reduced

On Wednesday, Leavitt & Martin represented 9 clients charged with reckless driving by speed. Two of the cases were motions to reopen, which the judges don’t really like. The speeds for the reckless driving charge were:

83 mph in 70 (3 cases)

85 mph in 70 (2 cases)

81 mph in 70

82 mph in 70

The two motions to reopen were speeds of 81 mph and 85 mph. Every one of our cases was reduced to a non moving violation that has no points. While we cannot ethically guarantee a result, our success rate was 100 percent in getting those charges reduced.

Motions to Reopen in General District Court are Disfavored

Why would you file a motion to reopen? Well, two of our clients were told they could just pay their Virginia reckless driving charges. However, they were not told that their LICENSES would be suspended. Yes, that is correct. Even though the judge did not suspend their license, the conviction was reported to their home state and in this case, Connecticut and Kansas suspended their license.

Many states automatically suspend your license for any conviction for reckless driving. Out of state reckless driving tickets have more serious consequences and penalties a lot of the time. Connecticut, Kansas, Georgia, DC, Michigan, South Carolina are all states I have seen this happen in. The issue is that it is often TOO LATE to do anything about it.

At Leavitt & Martin we Specialize in Traffic Court

Leavitt & Martin consists of Daniel Leavitt and Corey Martin. We do not hire low level lawyers with no experience. We do not pass our cases off. We handle our cases, and by doing so, we can get better results often.

For the motions to reopen that we handled, we needed to fix license suspensions for our clients and we were able to do that. I get a lot of phone calls from people who want to fix a conviction. Today someone called me with a conviction from THREE YEARS ago and he wanted to fix it because it kept impacting his EMPLOYMENT. I had to tell him I could not help.

If you have a reckless driving charge in Virginia, you will want to try to get your ticket reduced or dismissed so you don’t find yourself trying to reopen a conviction. Because a lot of times it may not be possible and even when it is, our fees are much higher on a motion to reopen. Get it right the first time!

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