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“Dan, Wow thanks… I am very pleased with the outcome and would recommend you to all my friends and family up in that area… Thanks for your time in this matter and making it very easy to deal with since I am underway… We are pulling-in tomorrow… I can’t wait, ready for the holidays. I will be looking for the info in the mail and thanks again.” – Brian O.

“Thanks so much for your service. I appreciate all your help!” – Susan B.

“That is great news!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for your help.” – Jim G.

“Thank you, Dan. You’re the best. I already paid it online. Glad to have found you.” – Anatoly

“Counselor, That is great news, and I thank you kindly for your efforts on my behalf. I shall wait to hear from the court and send them the payment promptly. Next time I get into trouble –IF there is a next time– I will call you again, and I most certainly will be happy to refer you to my friends.” – Julio Z.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help in this matter. It was well worth the money to have the charges reduced to a non-moving violation. Thanks again. Hopefully I won’t need your assistance in the future, but will keep your name and number handy. I will happily pass it on to anyone I know that may need it in the future. Have a great day and thanks once again.” – Ronald P.

“Dan, Good news there. The outcome is excellent simply because defective equipment will not put points on his license and therefore have no impact on his insurance either. I feel inclined to tell you that it was your advice, and my willingness to listen to it, that resulted in this positive result. I feel fortunate that providence led me to open your letter and contact you. As an Attorney myself I know there are different levels of competency among the members of our profession, and while I am sure there are other members of the bar who could have adequately represented Conor’s interests I am just as certain that no one could have done a better job. I will look for the letter from the court and if I do not get it in 10 days I will once again follow your advice. Once again, from both me and Conor I want to thank you for a job well done.” – Gary B.

“Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it greatly! This is a blessing.” – Ivan P.

“Thanks so much for all of your work in getting the case dismissed.” – Doug A.

“Again, thank you for your assistance in this matter. After speaking with about a half dozen attorney’s over the past month and a half, I am glad I waited to make a decision. I received your letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago and after speaking with you and how you answered my questions honestly, I now know, I made the right decision. I truly appreciate it.” – Michael H.

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