A conviction for driving under the influence, or ‘DUI’, can have a long-lasting negative impact on your life. The state of Virginia, as a rule, has some of the strictest laws concerning DUI. Virginia also has some of the stiffest penalties for those who receive a DUI conviction.

The DUI Arrest

Any arrest is terrifying for the average person, and a DUI arrest is no different. So many things will go through your mind at once. Will you be able to get to and from work? Will they impound your car? How hard is it to get your license or driving rights back? Will you go to jail? Will you be able to pay the fine they will levy on you?

Some people worry about what others will think of them. Driving under the influence is a crime that we widely frown upon, and you may worry people will view you differently due to your arrest. You may even worry that when you go to get a new job or to get a promotion, your DUI arrest could have a negative impact on your suitability as a candidate.
The best thing you can do to solve these problems and to lessen the impact of a DUI arrest is to hire competent legal representation.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

An arrest is not a conviction. You are facing serious penalties, but an experienced DUI attorney may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. There are various defenses for DUI in Virginia, They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Illegal Traffic Stop – If the police officer who arrested you did not have a valid reason to pull you over, your case could potentially be dismissed.
  • Improper Administration of Field Sobriety Test – A field sobriety test, or FST, is given to drivers suspected of driving under the influence. If the officer missed steps or failed to give the test properly, it may help your case.
  • Accuracy of Breathalyzer – No machine is perfect. The fact is, sometimes breathalyzers report false positives.

Arrested for DUI In Dinwiddie County

As said earlier, DUI laws in Virginia are among the strictest in the country. Dinwiddie County clearly reflects this. Police here pursue DUI cases on a consistent basis. In Virginia, law enforcement officers can arrest you for a DUI if you are operating a vehicle while showing any signs of impairment at all. That means you do no have to blow over a .08 to go to jail.

When arrested in Dinwiddie, you’ll see a judge in the local courts here. For that reason, it’s wise to hire a DUI lawyer experienced working in the county. The attorney’s at Leavitt & Martin have extensive experience working in Dinwiddie Courts.

What Should You Do After an Arrest?

After a DUI arrest, you will have to navigate the process of restoring driving rights, as well as the trial for your DUI. The penalties you face are serious and include jail time, fines, probation, license suspension, and more. In addition, you’ll risk losing your job and your car insurance will increase dramatically. This takes an already difficult time in your life and makes it even more complex. Hiring competent DUI attorneys in Virginia means that you will be much better able to navigate the process, as well as providing help with returning normalcy to your life.

Escalating Punishment for DUI

Virginia is a state that has multiple tiers of punishment for repeat offenders, too. If you receive a conviction for a DUI, your next conviction could have much harsher penalties, and your third would be harsher still. There is mandatory jail time starting with the second offense, and it increases with subsequent convictions.

The best thing to do is never to drink and drive. You’re much better off if you make use of other methods of getting home. Take a taxi, use a ridesharing app, use Uber or Lyft, whatever is available to you. Almost anything that you do is going to be cheaper than getting a ticket.

Dinwiddie DUI Lawyer

Hiring Representation for a DUI Arrest

If you need representation in your DUI case, contact the law offices of Leavitt & Martin. Call 804-873-4004 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer today.


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