Dismissed Driving with a Suspended License Charge; Reduced Speeding Ticket in Hopewell, Virginia

I represented a client today who was facing two charges in Hopewell General District Court: Driving With a Suspended License (“Driv Under Revo/Suspension”) and a Speeding ticket of 50/35. The most serious of these two charges is the Driving on a Suspended License charge being that it carries possible jail time.

Fortunately, good outcomes were obtained in both cases. The suspended license charge was dropped and the speeding ticket was reduced to a non-moving violation called defective equipment. Driving on a suspended license (Code of Virgnia 46.2-301) charges are sometimes dismissed when the defendant was not aware that his/her license was suspended or when the error (e.g. unpaid court costs/fines) is corrected that caused the privilege to drive to be revoked.

If you have a driving on a suspended license charge or a speeding ticket in Virginia, contact me as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Driving on Suspended Dismissed - Speeding Reduced

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