Greensville, Virginia Reckless Driving Case Dismissed

Recently I represented a client charged with reckless driving by speed. I reviewed the ticket and noticed the officer wrote the wrong offense date. Not every error on a ticket is considered a DISMISSABLE ERROR. Officers make mistakes all the time, but they rarely result in a dismissal.

I interviewed the officer before court to see if he had caught his mistake and he didn’t. So I entered a plea of NOT GUILTY and I WON THE CASE.

Disclaimer: Every case is unique and each case result depends on a number of factors unique to each case. Past results cannot guarantee or predict future results.

How the Trial Process Worked

In Greensville, Virginia traffic court you can enter a plea of GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, or NO CONTEST. I entered a plea of NOT GUILTY. This means that the officer had to testify and we had a full trial.

At the end of the trial, I made a MOTION TO DISMISS and the judge AGREED WITH ME and he DISMISSED the reckless driving charge. My client did not have to pay a fine or court costs.

Legal Defenses Exist

It is important to review each case for potential legal defenses. Not many attorneys would have caught this error, and realized that it could result in a dismissal. In fact, the judge at first did not agree with me. I had to point out a flaw in the judge’s reasoning.

The judge did agree with me and the case was completely dismissed. Nothing will show up on my client’s driving record or criminal record and my client had zero consequences for this.

Case dismissed

Case dismissed!

There Were Many Cases in Court That Day, and This is the ONLY Case That was Dismissed

There are many law firms who just take your money and try to get a minimal reduction without actually reviewing your case. Even worse, many of these firms hire NEW LAWYERS who are the ones that go to court for you. In my experience, they often don’t know what they are doing.

Call today to speak directly with Mr. Martin or Mr. Leavitt. We have been practicing a combined 16+ years and we can properly analyze your case AND review your case for any legal defenses that may exist.

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