Brunswick, Virginia and Emporia, Virginia a Dozen Cases Reduced Today

Reckless driving and speeding are important cases to try to resolve. We were retained today to REOPEN a case in general district court where our client went to court and just paid (plead guilty) to her charge. She did not realize that she was accepting guilt for a criminal misdemeanor.

We also took a call last week on a simple speeding ticket someone paid (plead guilty and didn’t contest) and his insurance went up $70 per month for a MINOR speeding ticket.

Consequences of Brunswick Reckless Driving and Emporia and Greensville VA Reckless Speeding can be Severe

Reckless driving is a permanent criminal misdemeanor if you are convicted. That never goes away and can never be expunged. In addition, you can have your license suspended and face high fines. The range of punishment for reckless driving is:

  • up to one year in jail
  • up to a $2500 fine
  • up to 6 months license suspension

We Can Usually Help if You Retain Us

Every case is unique and past results do not predict the future. But we can usually help. For REALLY high cases, over 100 mph the help might be in trying to avoid a license suspension or avoid or even minimize jail. I helped three clients avoid jail, all going 120 mph plus. If you were driving less than 96 mph we can often get the charge reduced and we may be able to avoid points.

12 Cases Reduced Today

Today in Brunswick, Va traffic court, and in Emporia, Virginia and Greensville, VA traffic court we had over a dozen cases reduced. The charges ranged from reckless speeding, 93 mph in a 70 to 81 mph. Every case got reduced and MOST of them avoided points. See a recent 89 mph case we did in Greensville traffic court for speeding and we avoided points. 

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