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  • Dinwiddie, Virginia reckless driving client charged with reckless driving by speed, 84/70
  • Driving record reflected recent tickets
  • One of the prior convictions was for 20 mph over the limit, which is reckless driving in Virginia
  • After reviewing the record, I made recommendations on what to do to get the best result


I have seen cases like this with other lawyers and the judge convicts the person of reckless driving. Judges care about prior tickets on a person’s record, and they care even more when there is a prior high speed (20 mph or up) conviction. In addition, most judges will count recent tickets against someone more than a ticket that has some age on it.

In this case, the client had two recent moving violations. One of the recent tickets was a high speed conviction. I knew this was a borderline case and that just to get it out of reckless would require some work.

You Can Often Get a Better Result by Being Proactive

I watch a lot of lawyers walk up to the judge with a bad driving record and just ask for a break. Often, the judge does not help and just convicts their client. What sort of a message are you sending the court when you have a bad record and you have done NOTHING before court? You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This holds true in traffic court frequently.

When I have a bad case, due to high speed or a bad driving record, I want to position the case in the best light possible BEFORE I walk into court. In a case like this, it made all the difference.

I made several recommendations to my client before court. My client listened to my advise. When I walked into court I was FULLY PREPARED. When I spoke to the judge, I presented my client in such a way that the judge was impressed.

Hard Work and Being Proactive Set My Client Apart From Everyone Else in Court

Judges all too often are faced with unrealistic, unappreciative people who don’t do what they are supposed to. Judges FREQUENTLY show grace and offer reductions to people if they jump through some hoops and yet they get people who do not follow instructions.

When you are proactive, you have done everything in advance. It can make a big difference in how the court views the client.


By thoroughly reviewing the driving record and understanding how the judge would view the case we were able to craft an approach to the case that put my client in the best position possible BEFORE court.

With a case like this, there would be close to a zero percent chance of getting a dismissal by just walking into court and requesting a dismissal. However, by handling the case in this manner it made the judge’s job easy.

The result was a complete dismissal and my client was very pleased with the outcome.


The key to getting a great result is to know the law and to know your judges. We approach each case in such a way that we are fully prepared before the court hearing. We have handled thousands of reckless driving by speed cases over the years successfully. This might take the form of a complete dismissal, or a reduction out of reckless driving.

We know the law and we will fight the appropriate cases. We personally handle our cases in court and you will talk to either Mr. Leavitt or Mr. Martin directly about your case. We will not pass off the phone to a legal secretary, paralegal, or associate attorney. We believe it is important for us to know the details of the case. If you speak to a legal assistant/secretary/paralegal who jots down information, then passes it along to an associate attorney who takes notes and discusses the case. Then you call back and you may talk to a different lawyer at the firm. Or worse, the attorney you spoke with then hands the case off to a different lawyer, there are just too many links in that chain of communication. 

At Leavitt & Martin you will only speak with Mr. Leavitt or Mr. Martin. You will have a senior law partner handling your case in court, and not a new associate who is not familiar with the specific details of your case. Give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your case in Dinwiddie, VA traffic court: 8048734004

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